Letter to my first born.

FeaturedLetter to my first born.

It’s been a minute since I posted something well let’s say I have been trying to fight a demon called procrastination. Anyway buckle up it’s about to get sentimental.

‘Dear Mike,

As I write this please know no matter how bitter it may sound it’s full of nothing but love. Trust me I was doing okay before you showed up. While other people were TGIF (thanking God its Friday) mum was up by 4am ironing her clothes with a wish that she could put her mind away from the pain you caused. I got shipped to aunties place yes the loud aunt who just knows how to overfeed us. Three days later I had a dark cloud over my head.


Tiny as you were with your alien eyes and innocence you had already perfected the art of sucking attention . No more sleeping on the couch and waking up on the bed for me, no more extra play time , no more double goodies from mum, every bit of that went down the drain. Responsibility came knocking on the door and I was really not ready to open. I became a house help with no experience. Forced to cook that ‘Ugali’ that I despised and forced to change your stinky diapers. I wouldn’t say I was a nanny from hell but I was close to that. Crying whenever you cried because I couldn’t understand your baby language, you were just a tiny little alien. I had to toughen up, fold my sleeves and try.

I learned I could actually spank the hell out of you and control you ahem I mean mould. Learned that with you crawling to walk I had to also crawl in my journey of getting to take responsibility before I could walk. Long story short, if you ever get to see this I know I have not been the best sister but guess what am the only one you got ha!. You have served me right. Been my messenger, my remote, my punching bag, my ride or die, my security and above all my little brother.


You have taught me to be the lady I am, you give me the drive and pride to call myself a sister. If I could go back I would change nothing. I was doing okay before you came but now am doing great, better than expected. PS. ‘Ugali saa hii naeza pika ya matanga.’

I love you McKenzie and spare a sister and study hard, ‘unipunguzie’ school fees in the future.


Your big sister.’





More than meets the eye

More than meets the eye


  • A tomato is a fruit that is also considered as a vegetable depending on the context
  • It belongs to the night shade family, from the plant Solanum Lycopercium.
  • Its name originated from the Spanish word Tomate.
  • Tomato is a native to the America and before it reached out to the Europeans in the 16th It has however been dominant in ancient Spain since Aztecs and has since gained massive popularity all over the world.


General uses

  • Tomatoes are used in making salads and sandwiches
  • Making sauces
  • As an ingredient for dishes
  • General snack
  • In drinks like cocktails


Apart from its general uses, tomatoes also have some specialized uses:

  • Due to the presence of vitamin A,B,C and E it is used in hair products to stimulate healthy hair
  • It is also used as a face mask for healthy and beautiful skin


Due to its worldwide popularity many people are set to benefit from this fruit/vegetable. They include:

  • Farmers as a source of income
  • Beauticians for hair and skin products
  • People with conditions associated with low potassium
  • Diabetics to help control their body sugar levels.


Tomatoes are widely grown in temperate climates across the world with green houses allowing its production throughout the year. Due to the fact that tomatoes are sub-tropical plants they are most likely to be found in areas that receive plenty of sunlight.  Places like Chins, India, United States and turkey record as the highest producers of tomatoes. Spain, Italy and Poland also record high production of tomatoes.

From a profit making perspective you can grow and sell the tomatoes raw. Alternatively you can use them to make Ketchup than can be sold to bring back profits. Making healthy tomatoes juice or including them in cocktails can be a great way to make profit too. Beauticians can also use tomatoes for their customers for the skin and hair.

Love under a tent

Love under a tent

“Grasha am going to pop the question”

“Wait what? Mteja wa nambari uliopiga …Is this a prank?”

Friday evening after work and we set out on a weekend gate away with awesome friends and BAE, Jack Daniels. Nothing sounds more relaxing than an escape from the hustle and bustle that Nairobi offers  (Sonko amesema hakuna kuchafua Nairobi).  All smiles but we knew we had a mission at the back of our minds. En route to Oloiden Camp in Kongoni, Naivasha with no clue how it would turn out.

Lucy 2

Serene environment sited next to Lake Oloiden. Intimacy with nature you would think you are a character from The River Between. The grass isn’t greener on the other side but I assure you that one is. Great food, hospitable staff, witty friends, a mean drink and a lit bonfire was the way to go. Funny how time flies when you are having fun .We found ourselves the next morning enjoying the beautiful lake scene which is literally breathtaking.


Hours into the morning scene getting ready to go back to reality we decided to take a bunch of last minute pictures by the lake. One take after another and a ring popped just in time to get her unawares. Caught by surprise he finally asked for her hand in marriage. It couldn’t get better than that- the sight of a love so fierce and nature so well designed -all the works of God, very mighty. Her smile was just answer enough to the question that can give a guy sleepless nights. She finally said yes and my China phone was there to capture it all. Yaani….’Alijua Hajui… .’(I have always wanted to use that phrase even if not applicable)


I have to admit this is a very late post considering this was a year ago. Well I have noticed I have a lot of photos on my gallery and I find it hard getting rid of photos especially with me in them. Instead of deleting why not post them and accompany with a story, win/win. The post might be late but love never grows old.




What I Really Want This Friday

What I Really Want This Friday

I love this article and it had made me all teary because it touches and speaks to the soul

Adorned Woman Kenya

what-i-really-want-this-fridayOn Friday 21st October 1994, in a white room with people in white coats and a lot of yelling (I presume), a chubby 3.4 kilogram girl was born. They named her Ivy, and her mother spoke over her life and said that her name Ivy, will mean a beautiful flower whose fragrance will draw people to Christ. Amen to that.

And on this Friday, just like that Friday, I will be turning 22. Yeeeeiiii (fireworks, bazookas, crisps and ice-cream)

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the office going about my usual work. I am doing an internship as mentioned here , and my fellow intern whom I always referred to as deskie (desk mate) because he sits next to me, wasn’t around. He had taken the day off to follow up on his certificate of good conduct. I remember joking to him and asking him…

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“..you can leave your message after the tone..Beep!. I am not sure if you will get this message but am going to leave it anyway.


Why did you do this to me? I thought things were suppost to elevate from better to bestest (sorry my English teacher was from Nairobi Institute of ammmm) but they seem to get worse.Is this what they meant by ‘best years of your life’ ?


Let’s take a trip down memory lane.Remember when you used to sleep and wake up at midday to find a combo of breakfast and lunch (menn you we’re a beast in that sector and still are by the way) and no one would complain well that’s all they seem to do this days. Remember the word Bills was just another word our Nairobi institute teacher would utter, this days it causes ulcers and it’s not a pretty sight.

Excuse my Manners, Mama Bear  is doing  okay but she has changed a lot.Remember you usually  ask for money and she gives you faster than the flash, well this days you tell her a week prior to when you need it and instead she gives you blue ticks.God bless you Mama Bear.Your nice clothes are now filled with torn pockets but you barely realise because you put nothing in there.While on the clothes sector your size 2 shoes are now 5 times bigger but not to worry they wear out easily from all the dream chasing.


I beg your pardon it’s not dream chasing it’s more of shadow chasing.Over the years you have transitioned from a dentist to a lawyer and now it’s not clear what the profession is.Do not worry though they say it’s normal at this age.Talking of normal, every month you undelightfully received the red robot  that stress the hell out of you but yet again they said it’s normal.

I have been saving the best memories for last.You remember your favourite cartoons yes Dee Dee and Dexter and Power Puff girls, they  were replaced by some other things that I cannot explain but trust me there is no ‘Chemical X’ in them.Your best friend the T.V has become just another device to make the house look fuller.

Safaricom just briefed me that my time is almost (Bob Call me more is four eyed- he sees everything ).Before I hit exit remember Jason, the cuteboy from the next class, he is a lost cause this days ,all he does is sit by the corner you take to school and chew leaves with gum.After him there has been a couple of other Jason’s but that’s neither here nor there.

Just know that I miss you and if it possible freeze time and Do Not I repeat Do Not grow up.I love you 10 year old Grasha.”




I have always heard that the journey up the success ladder is not easy but I did not know just how tough it can get.

You see in a population of a couple of millions you cannot be the only one wanting to get to the top but it takes a kind of quality to get there. I am guilty of sharing quotes that I have no glimpse on what they may mean until I tried the success ladder. I love apples so I refer my end game as a piece of fatty Eden-like apple but then again I look at the condition of the ladder and if I could I would climb eyes closed.

You see this particular ladder is old and you may fall anytime so you have to watch your weight. When climbing that ladder you just don’t let words come out of your mouth and that is where watching your weight chips in. We all have opinions but I have learned that some opinions are better to withhold. Be careful of the words that use when going up they may bring you back to the drawing board.

For this particular ladder you may get hit by some apples as you climb and there is no time out to heal those bruises. This is like Golf ‘hakuna sub’. Those apples are those people’s opinions. You know people talk and sometimes those words hit you to the soul but those falling apples gives you hope for what’s up there. If you are not ready to be hit by those apples please don’t bother climbing this renowned ladder.

two three

My ladder is also a mystery it may be long or short but I am willing to take the risk. People have different lengths of ladder and you just have to be patient if you really want those fruits. There is always a time for everyone so if people’s ladders are shorter than yours be genuinely happy for them because your ladder has a purpose for its particular length. Besides what’s a journey without a surprise.


Last but not my least you may get to share a ladder with people. With all the millions of people out there resources are limited and there has to be team work. This is not easy but be assured it is worth it when played out well. When climbing up this shared ladder you sometimes have to step on people’s heads. In this life being polite every time sometimes gets you back to the square one. Never be afraid to step on people’s heads for a good cause. Spice up the journey up the ladder, healthy competition can be food for the soul too.

The journey is not easy and sometimes it’s not the destination that really counts but the journey. So let us throw away the pillows this is a ladder not a bed, no room for comfortability only contentment. Cheers and see you at the garden of success Eden full of whatever rocks your boat.



Gone are the days where having a decent job was the only way to hustle, these days some jobs like being a video vixen are popping up like mushrooms. The only perk with this jobs is that you get to leave your dignity at home.

Recently, I received a message from a friend on some ‘job opportunity’ and which campus student wouldn’t want to make some extra chums on the side but instead of applying we were laughing about it.This so called hustle was another way for people to violate their own self respect leave alone dignity. If you are finding it hard to believe check the description:

“Good morning, Real Black Entertainment is looking for video vixens for an upcoming shoot slated for next Friday and Saturday evening:


*Chocolate or brown complexion

*Average or plus size

*Can twerk and dance

*Must be available for all three days, transport, lunch/supper will be provided for all 2 days




Interested persons should send 3 pictures in shorts/hot pants ,mini’s,bikini and a 30 sec to 1 min video of them twerking to a specified number. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted on Tuesday on via call.”

Yes for only 2500 you get to show to the whole world what your mama gave you. Of course in this case if you are skinny you are off the radar, for now.

This days people are willing to sacrifice their dignity just to appear in some lame ass video with a celebrity who has 2 cents in their bank account. And for what, Money that cannot even get you through a week or some 30 sec Instagram fame? I can only imagine in a gathering then that cousin that minds everyone’s business decides to turn on the TV and boom! there you are half naked, shaking like a fish that has just been chucked from the water. It can give your grandmother the heart attack your whole family has been dreading for. It so sad how most guys in videos are fully dressed like Eskimo’s and girls are out there freezing in the cold for petty cash and fame.

I am not against any hustle as long as it does not involve showing off all we have and dancing like you just had a seizure. If anyone would apply for this they are qualified to be in a mental asylum. It’s high time we step up, refuse all project x’s related gigs and make our mums proud. If not for that just spare your grandmother she has a long life to live.